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Racing Thoughts (Bandcamp 2016)

   Fatty Mary – mother of all holy Techno-mix, Rave-Rock, Chiptune, Break-core and drum n’ bass exploding creativity made into chaotic recording from Benjamin Pena of Florida area as producer, mixer, music engineer or concept maker s well as the master mind behind this total super-beast beats album releasing on Producer Snafu’s Blasphemous but the actual biography tells us that Ben a.k.a Producer Snafu is Perris, California native but anyway – if you really dig much of all those gaming sounds, samples that didn’t sucks whole or simply, just love to dance your ass up via much intolerable sounds of noise blending then you’re coming to the right place for it. Don’t questioning the answer for What Does Snafu Mean ? (Intro) but try to just get sexually naked as the second track of Welcome to The Mind Producer Snafu (Revised) followed by a bewildering of What’s Ma Mutha Fuckin Name and Eclectic Dreams as did the banging session as well via They’ll often Misuse The Word Hate to Justify Their Stupidity as a powerful of next digital typhoon noises attack comes within A Hypomanic Interlude Before Things Get Rude may giving you a ridicule headache permanently if you did listening to this shit outside the clubbing sacred area but everything’s possible as one luckily had a temporary deaf effects after being dumb putting those volume in a fucking loud position then press play this !