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Racebannon Anomoanon (Temporary Residence Limited 2005)

   Collecting the never ending Heavy Metal pieces from the Ozzy Osbourne era in Black Sabbath using thus mysterious names of the newer generations praising the same materials of Occultism themed made infamously by the Birmingham’s Heavy Metal superstars for this lesser known recording on Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute to Black Sabbath as these finest mixing from Post-Rock, Emperimental Metal music, Leftfield noises sample, to Space Rock or Folk Rock independently re-creating the same haunting products which barely raw, underground and non-conformist to adds may being widespread shown here in its most nude forms via Matmos opening interlude for F/X effects, Grails doing their version of Black Sabbath in its most dangerous slower adapted format especially fits well for the modern day listeners, Four Tet tackling the infamous Iron Man track on Folkish tempo or Paul Newman soloing onto the mysterious anthem of Fairies Wear Boots and Greenness withPhilly G handling Sweet Leaf and put more smokes out to hallucinating the globe through it … 

   An anti-MTV re-recording sessions for the children who loves the grave very much by the standard of an ultimate Stoner-Rock community collecting their debts to the masters of reality.

Everything Comes & Goes A Tribute to Black Sabbath: