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Qaul Tarana Bismillah (Bandcamp 2015)

   Gaining the compassion for a non-violent lyrics about how the creator wants you to spreading peace not war and destructions; kindness and melodies to keeping the weary hearts calmer not being suspicious or full of hatred on visualizing every differences based on the mild knowledge for learning Sufism on a right path for these united musicians/artists build this group called HuDost that consisting of Montreal, QC and Kentucky (USA) band members featuring Moksha Sommer (vocals, harmonium, accordion, keys, shahi-baaja) and Jemal Wade Hines (guitars, baritone, mandolin, bazouki, percussions and vocals) with the helps from Christie Lenee (guitars, vocals), Chuck Mauk (drums), Michael Murphy (bass) or Chris Narada Hines (drums) and George Tortorelli (flute, percussions) as well as more additional musicians on this releasing record for promoting peace from them as the coexist spirits flying higher as the lyrics of good messages try to reaches depth inside human’s hearts through Sufi Kirtan album. One can see how spectacular and tolerance Sufism towards other beliefs where Arabic calligraphy, Christ’s cross, Hindu god’s sculpture to white Buddha all combines as one row in order to find the true meaning of living your life as a good soul by purpose. So, whether the group converting to a new ideology or it just purely artistic taste on fusion between Eastern and West musical sounds to thus Folk-World Music experience and experiments; the Pop-Rock Indie with traditional Balkan Folk, Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Macedonian, etc compact into thus songs of lovely honest peace such as Erler Demine (Dost Dost Dost!), Estafurallah, Universal Worship to Abrahamic Zikr and Subhanallah would taste a little bit strange but opening some interests to learning about the essential love universally that can change everything to be better for you, them and everyone. 

Sufi Kirtan: