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Purgatory X (Vic Records 2009)


   Ex-members and vocalist for the first formation of Arch Enemy – John Liiva found his calling for Heavy Metal bastard’s powerful groove on this next installment with buch of his Metal-heads friends Mattias Ljung on shredding department and the multi-instrumentalist Max Thornell serving the bass, drums and rhythm guitars for the recording of Hearse; a name that can be pointed as another important figures that kept Death N’ Roll scene metallic music made of Sweden sounding like a champion.
   These group hailing themselves from Stockholm/Helsingborg playing the technical  Melodic Death Metal with the essential Rock N’ Roll spikey influences – gave the audiences such a fucking great experience for head-banging while listening to the blasting sounds explosively slapping harder than a dozen of angry prostitutes on you or else, deadlier. Through the excessive latest album Single Ticket to Paradise within the thick vain off the likes of Entombed on freaking acid poisoning; An Emotional Fraud, The Moth, Misanthropic Charades as The Ferocious Embrace might taken you deeper into the pain and disgust feelings as the lyrics talking much about inner struggles as well as life and society in a damn loud solos, faster tempos and encouraging the listeners to crazily head-bangs as you reaching the Heavy Metal heaven in flames.

Single Ticket to Paradise: