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Prince Of She-Wolf (Eyes Like Snow 2012)

A trio of Doom Metal and Stoner Sludge sounds, the four cranking ears tracks and one hell of a album artwork digesting you in by the passage of deep heavy riffs made by the metal-heads off Lappeenranta  - Finland: The Wandering Midget brings their essential themes for horror, mythology and fantasy via Form The Meadows of Opium Dreams that kinda reminding us for the literature mixing between Tiamat and old Candlemass for this one. Meet the three heads mind-framing band; Samuel Wormius (vocals, guitars), Jonathan Sprenger (drums) and Thomas Grenier (bass) as their raising-hair music blending of slower melodic-tinged and thus power-raging mind blowing eerie blasts promising you of head-banging mission accomplished through either the twenty minutes progressions on Temples in The Sky which taste very occult or the perfection Sabbath influences on Follow The Forest Light. Stand up and praise Doom Metal with them !