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Pretty Bitch Nitro (Steamhammer 2013)

   Feast your ears and tried to follow the faster beats promoting heavily like a good Glam-Punk Rock crusher package by the band of brothers in Sleazy Hair Rock meets Punk music from Offenbach – Germany: V8Wankers that not only got their hailing anthem songs made and self-written but also thus melodic solos, three-chords of chaos and the shout-out sing along music to grab by the thirsty Punk Rock fans. Louder and fully loaded with stinky attitudes and semi-socio and drunken lyrics from Latino Wanker Vulcanus, Big Wanker Schmuddel, Dirty Wanker Dirty Dick, Boss Wanker Lutz Vegas and Sexy Wanker Rico Dandruff as the full band blasting their intention just to rock you the fuck out ! 
   Got Beer ? would be a good question asked to the audience as the music went wilder and the volume might becoming deafening for some idiots who didn’t quite well understands where’s the greater sensibility for listening this type of chaotic music best. 
   Don’t argue or you will have punches in your face just stay and party as the crowds sing aloud or leave the hell out of here; as life never gets too damn dangerous than the mosh-pit of the crazy rockers slamming each other following the magnet made by Long Spoon, Kick The Bucket, Bust The Wind, Road Hog or Frankie’s Tiki Room which might sounded stupid titles – the energy of raw rocking sounds shall freeing the people who knows how to party harder like the true bastards !

Got Beer: