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Prayer Ulysses (Medical Records 2013)

Inspired by the surrealism drawn of Synth-Pop in a quality for darker products of music as clearly an ultra heavyweight models through these French/Italian duet of Christina Char and Dasz of Doline, creating their massive independent crashing souns of a mixing of Dark-Electro, experimental Noise creepers or more relatives summons of sorrow by the depressive Goth-Rock and Industrial-Rock products via the mysterious group – Illustration Sonore. 
As through this debut and maybe the only recording from them entitled Undisciplined Strips of Emotions; we must be drove out away and didn’t forget to fasten our seatbelts on a sound journey where the audiences brought onto the Dark New Wave musical performance using the old-retro beats and machine music voyage temptations on Divinatorium or Die Gefuhlsduselei or Flying Lights and Cannibals for examples. 
The cross-over drench of the deep bass and drums beat-lines stuck between the love of Cabaret Voltaire to odern fetishism of frequent tones and oscillator controls not very catchy and uncompromising laced filling out the atmosphere of wonderful strangeness laden of utopia melody hooks by the rare limited edition recording.

Undisciplined Strips of Emotions: