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Pizza Song (Red Nude Tapes 2015)


   Formatted in tape recorder cassette release this Karen Meat & The Computer album by Karen Meat the group of initiative musicians whose playing ideas and fresh Folk-Pop or Alternative Indie music hailed themselves from Des Moines, Iowa and sounded a little bit too darn na├»ve for not placing their Shoegazing melodramatic sounds that would reminding you about Alternative Pop music from the nineties or the form of oldie 60’s Retro-Pop but not as shocking as sprouting your old PC computer and keyboards with tomato and mustard sauce because surely, you’re not kind of people who loves eating bolts as snacks but thanks to Derek Muse Lambert for his fresh ideas on the artworks anyway.
   The mini album consisting of only five songs which one by one being performing in a very good and sweeter like on If I Were Yours, Brad’s last Waltz and Your Blood. Best being served well with either hotdog or hamburgers and beers for a pleasantly few free minutes resting like meatballs or noodles lying down the couch or maybe that scary drunk she-male on bourbon for the desperate singles. 

Karen Meat & the Computer: