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Pink Champagne (Names Records 2013)

   Sensual for the creativity newer elements union for Folk, Country and Alternative Indie Rock with Pop ingredients made and recorded by Caitilin Rose as this cute dark-haired girl starting her career as a pure Country singer in Nashville, Tennessee objectively mixed more and more elements like Americana music to Modern Pop and some Bluesy stories via her experiences as the age counts and added; this beautiful musician, song-writer and guitar player releasing her third studio album on The Stand-In with songs of Waitin', I Was Cruel, Only A Clown, Dallas or Golden Boy and Menagerie which sounded impressive by not losing the traditional elements of rural territory and backyards of the Midwest of America but not too damn impure anymore when you got chances to listening to these tracks very carefully where your Country-Rock needs Pop and Rn’B so the teenage stars or nearly mature artists won’t be so disappointed for carrying the legacy of US trademark music taste and keeps producing more good singers and musicians whose not stuck inside the shallow trends of evolving times. 

The Stand-In: