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Philistine Philosophies (Self-Released 2015)

Such a mighty force bursting out within the loyality for keeps on making loudest heavier recordings for the rest of their lives; these Watford, England band – SikTh proudly back as their totality of dangerous riffs, beat-down tempos and killer choruses or melodies like the next chapter of the new generation for worshipping Fear Factory and Burton C. Bell properly well as those explosive striking Extreme Progressive Metal within their newest extended play record that shall making your head spinning and your neck sore and hurts because of endlessly entirely head-banging as your nerve system will definitely disturbed by the six-piece band members performing their techniques off extremity fucking overload level but never losing the powerful solidify works together as Mikee Goodman (vocals), Justin Hill vocals), Dan Weller (lead guitars), Graham “Pin” Pinney (rhythm guitar), James Leach (bass) and Dan “Loord” Foord (drums) with the help from additional viola played by Abi Fry; recording as released on this mini album Opacities – combining Mathcore, Avant-Garde Metal as vast imploding to make bigger explosive effects via thus tracks like Behind The Doors, Under The Weeping Moon, Tokyo Lights or Walking Shadows which all promising to you and the rest of the fanatic fans won’t be disappointed no more !