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Perfect Secret (Bandcamp 2008)

Forming over a terrible Winter every year and some people or musicians would rather not to going out but stay at their places and hang-out makes an annual crop basement’s band practice for Chris Brake, Dave Knill, Rebecca Cohoe, Mike Cheeks and Perry Mercer consist as prolific of the rarest or most beautiful specimens from Folk-Indie Pop music that they’ve written or play since a year. Thus Saint John’s/Newfound land and Labrador musicians creating The Soft Intelligence – a mutual Rock presence comes from different times, within the themes overwrites about Urban destructions, traversing seas of time with rebirth and realizations; making melodies and music that can moved people up and forward after having all the good messages from the lyrics. City of Flames is an old representation for a espionage club on Indie-Folk for drop-outs college students far enough to starting their new activities in basement’s jamming sessions and builds something new over the imaginative based on respects for your old parts of town (everybody’s got one) just like showing here on The Soft Intelligence record. From Monk, or My Superpowers, Say It’s Broke. So either you wanted to listen to subterranean or sub-aquatic just believe. 

City of Flames: