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Peninkulma (Suicide Records 2017)

   Consisting of the quartet of Stoner/Sludge/Doom and heavy Metal hailing off Finland; Jaakko Heinonen (vocals), Toni Raukola (guitars), Eetu Lehtinen (bass) and Lauri Pikka (drums) releasing this awesome bad-ass album called Seaweed as these Demonic Death Judge (band) written down eight bursting rocking tracks that might collectively be praised as thus non-commercial anthems for our generations whose nowadays already consumed by the values of worshipping money, wealthy judgement to modern technology as being totally enslaved by it. The harsh vocals and raging riffs probably will showing the way back to the greater path where you can be the masters for yourself as the magic of old occult ways injected through the Sludge/Stoner tracks of rock monsters from this one such as Heavy Chase, Taxbear, Cavity, Backwoods and Saturnday might be closely – predicted to slap your dumb, ignorant face to hell and back with weeds to burn preparing for a deeper exploration adventurous event.