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Pearly Gates (Sacred Bones 2013)

Blending their loves for Post-Punk, Hardcore-Pop and Neo-Psychedelic as they’re influenced by Country and Classic Rock as on thus songs like Dark Waltz or Get What You Give which you can easily proof to listen for the album of Tomorrow’s Hits under the straight easy-listening palette for those who likes Americana atmosphere and Midwest rural for instant. Overreaching the top pride for proclaiming themselves written their own songs and bet mostly audiences would wanted more tracks to discover on stereo; The Men is a Brooklyn based group consisting of  Mark Perro (vocals, guitars, keys), Nick Chiericozzi (vocals, guitars), Rich Samis (drums), Kevin Faulkner (bass, lap-steel) with some names as their ex-members continuing musical making as The Beatles or The Beach Boys consumers shall liking this type of Pop-Rock an Alternative Indie kind of sounds as well. As the neon light sign turned on in colors, people would lovely sing along following simply happiness tracks acclaiming the free-world stands out for entertainments and guidance music from Another Night or Different Days – opening more possibilities to spending your adventurous road explorations; admiring the long forgotten beauty of the wilderness. 

Tomorrow's Hits: