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Party Enema Monosyllabic (Bandcamp 2015)

   42 bands declaring themselves as the fanatic fans and being totally influenced by the legendary Punk-Rock Skater band from Los Angeles – California as you might knew them too as well because there’s nothing that any Skater-Punks nowadays would achieved without these guys wrecking attitude of loudest, faster, snotty and most creative music made within the most success or the lows of story sharing through the honest, sarcastic and fucking smart lyrics served as legendaries as some of them being re-covers as a paying tribute to Fat Mike, El Hefe, Eric Melvin and Erik Sandin whose mixing the sounds from Hardcore-Punk, Melodic Skate-Rock, Ska-Reggae and Heavy Metal to Pop into one freaking blend of courageous, modern and educating Rock music ever surface onto the mainstream level worldwide. A Tribute to NOFX: 40 or 41 Bands That Weren’t Good Enough To Go On The Other Compilations … bursting your guts and adrenaline as the opener track I’m Telling Tim by The Idiots on Parade burst out followed by Leave It Alone (Beat The Smart Kids), Kill All The White Man from NVS to Kyle Brown’s Liza that sounded not actually just another try-out recording of similar Skater-Punk anthems compiled into one rare disc but more than that – this is a reality check for these nest generations of Punk rockers and Skater-core and their minds to learning more back about how interesting and needed political lyrics should produced to educating people about the happening around the issues and not just the hype. Like 69 Enfermos dealt through Murder The Government, MOFX goes for The Malachi Crunch or The Longest Line being abused by Hate For State and Carlos Danger! Messing the track of Seeing Double at The Triple Rock to Jesse LeBourdais doing his freedom version of The Decline which may giving these artists or individuals their own perspective concepts about how to re-entry the injection dosage of NOFX’s revolting rebellious products to the new millennium realm and yells hard that Punk Rock will never be tamed by greedy corporation globe !!!