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Pardon Grandpa (Not On Label 2009)

   Performing the Acoustic-Folk-Punk Rock disease music which considers by themselves as a sing-along interactive and great to hear while you totally drunk with most of the audiences already jacking several times and the floor seems to be covered only with the liquids of vomit even when you attending the outdoor shows for this duet from Kansas City, Missouri naming themselves Destroy Nate Allen (like a pretty bad low-costs movie title) using the prolific banjo-performance and acoustic guitars off a guy name Nate and a girl Tessa with their paneling insert complete on Perfect Recipe For A Smile with lyrics and bad music important for those whom really needs a recommendation to be so-called a Redneck Punk or a nearly-famous retards might also dislike this music much as these twenty track-listing songs shall torturing you since the starts and couple of fatty people won’t easily dancing following this album even with the colorful photographs and funny background-story for the entire lyrics written by themselves. Okay, we got Turns Out You’re Perfect for Me, Recipe, White Flag, His Lips are Sealed Hallelujah, Steady and Don’t Let This Smile Fool You might never strongly prefers you to sit down and listen but nevertheless, their na├»ve and honest sounds growing much funnier and tickles emotional questioning on ourselves – are we being a good person since some of us didn’t quite being born semi-perfect or uglier than others or brave enough to stop bullying around yourself not saving the entire goddamn world playing world leaders.

Perfect Recipe For A Smile: