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Orchid’s Lament (Bandcamp 2012)


   Closer and dried out but never stop experimenting the music that influenced him from everywhere as he turns out his own music project of Ballet album from his alias as a group of FireFlyForest.
You  will hearing accordion, plenty percussion and tree’s spirits chanting in harmony as they’re mixed within children’s voices and the Sun gentle encouragements created something sophomore and strange but under the rareness, lie people’s common interest for celebrating this mixing of inter-cultural music made by Steven Hobart form Minneapolis wondering around to where of from when skipping the why’s on how’s and resulting the sprinkles of beauty and lingering melodies as we could heard them softly through Wind Whispers, Matches, The Song, Whim (variation iii) to Sun Chant and Moonlight. 
   Carefully, just listen and try not to re-grouping in noises for this album or you will lose the chance for being excited.