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Ole Speed Freak (Grooveyard Records 2013)

   A quartet of four horsemen perhaps, not too sounding apocalyptic and please to meet the Southern rockers from the South – Nashville as they’re mixing Hard Rock or Hair Rock ingredients to be exact as Jarrod England (lead vocals, slide guitars), Bob “Action Earl” Watkins (lead guitars), Brian Witty (bass guitar) and Chris Hardesty (drums) proceeding their musical project called Black Mountain Prophet as they’re releasing the infamous good debut album on Notorious Sinner. The Lynyrd Skynyrd influences or the eccentric outlaws attitude might get captured by the listeners via this band’s explorative expressions and melodious performance as the Southern –Rock classic groups used to did before and then. Notorious Sinner just like a pleasurable rocking emission verse for the biblical story about the wrestling battle between a mortal and an angel in Pniel as the heroic musical also approved to be competitive and undeniable for those fanatic fans of this type of Rock music anthems through the tracks of the scums of the West West world after the death of Billy The Kid or such but never sounded to freaking greedy to be loved. Absurd or romantic like Smack Me Down, Too Much of a Good Thing to Love My Woman or Deuteronomy and Second Son might sounded like a poisoning feelings as mysteriously talks about Somethin’ in The Water - just happened.