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Nyanyikan Lagu Perang (Self-Released 2007)

Used to re-considerable as a Goth Grunge group from Indonesia but as the terminology changed and as every destruction over the nations  as included the band’s beloved country or to be exact their hometown – Bandung as all went darker; as the errorist’s terror led the disintegrating among many people of the beautiful peace archipelago and for this – Koil the (now) Glam-Industrial Rock band trying to deleting almost everything they believed before and left things within a big gap of emptiness, waiting for something wiser and true to filling in the giant hole created by fundamentalism, false nationalism, corruptions and cannibalism among Indonesians re-captured back through those distorted grungy riffs of protests and angst of the youth about nation which collapsing slower but still didn’t realizing it just like the entitled recording release from Koil’s Blacklight (Shines On) concluding the messenger led vocalist J.A Verdijantoro, brother and guitarist Donnijantoro , Imo Nasution on bass/guitar to drummer Leon Ray Legoh and one might finally found out that the actual concentrated beats of standard melodies and more inner motives taken from the likes for Nine Inch Nails’ first recording sessions to the softer side of Marilyn Manson learning to controlling the dark-side as thus works from these underground musicians several years ago might be paid within these parade of protester songs like the godless themes or tribal wars waiting to happened through the selected tracks like Ajaran Moral Sesaat which related to false prophecies, Aku Lupa Aku Luka – a distorting reflection influenced by Rammstein with a background history that tearing down some parts of Indonesian peaceful community in chaos, Sistem Kepemilikan that viewing on the latest capitalism tricks played on your desires for consumptions. 

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