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Nukekubi Algor (Supercoven Records 2013)


   You might wanted to taste how being tricked by the front cover album that at first probably, will definitively gave you an image of the Doom Metal music produced by the group just like the issue from Bleach Eater’s debut recording studio album – Night Work.
   Exactly, there’s nothing but grind-Core, Death Metal and heavy Metal Extreme music exploding out through the excessive force made blistering via these duo project of metallic sounds productions on this one; meet lead vocalist and guitarist Don Millard and Jay Hailey (vocals/drums) and thanks once again for the artwork creations by Goatess Doomwytch that has giving the audiences a misconception perspective about the record but nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed to have this album in your hand as the play button on pressing and the murderous occult extremist’s spells or roars started to destroy the room of the lord’s family house. 
   Let your ears bleeding and your rage raising high by cranking – Lung Harvest, Horse Girl, Pit of Kings, Butcher’s Arcade and La Bruja. 

Amen !

Night Work: