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Nox Eternis Initiation (Ndemic Creations 2014)


   Simulated and strategic of a real-time gaming events which choosing you as the creator of pathogenic deadly viruses lab scientist whose having ability to released as testing your own developing of complex organism which must be spreading on release as the tools for destroying world populations in countable time-limits which gains more points and success for yourself as the new god there. This UK’s based game applications for epidemic models that shall raise some interests for its technology and madness on the same time creates for PC and Xbox; to be honest would definitely showing us about how insane our world today already become and this game should be a presentation of an evil plan to wiping out world’s populations in quite short time and might be in reality still under develops. See the symbols on it and learn more about Plague Inc. that also completed within its original soundtrack recording same released as the gaming and making no mistakes for keeping your minds focused on the missions with this Plague Inc. Original Soundtrack consisting of ten tracks that sounded haunting, mysterious, horrifying and will testing your nerves in an hour playing whether you can be one of those mad scientists succeeded the plans to controlling the globe or not.
   Listen to these Thanks to Marius Masalar and Joshua Kaplan for composing the beats and the entire terrifying music as developing through the instrumental tracks such as Adverse Reactions, Direct Control to All in Your Heads and Evolution that remarkably, won’t be a good choice for those whom shall died or re-animated in seconds caused by the new level viruses that infecting humans through viral, watery or body liquid and bites. 

Severed fatalities …

Plague Inc Original Soundtrack: