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Napaka Arijum (Bandcamp 2010)

Sounded like a Slovenian exported distorting Punk/Grunge of all girls gang music on your ears – the Skrip Orkestra or Screech Orchestra have making their own definition of both Cult-chants Rock or Punk-Folk traditional sounds for this releasing from the band on the self-titled album. 

A theatrical-music project consisting of local female musicians: Jelena Rusjan, Ana Franjic, Barbara Krajnc, Andreja Kopac to Leja Jurisic, Neja Tomsic, Urska Vohar and Otar Savali trying to erased the mutual contract of subjective plays in between live concert and theatre borderline with this weird but fun performance splashing your hearing with something artistic on Jabolcni Clovecki, Brata, Deklica Ki Je Verjela Da Je Jezu and Ko Si Srecen v Hemlinu; giving us another format of strange language of the Eastern part of Europe and Punk touch.