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Nail It Down (TKO Records 2002)

   Blending the exciting presence of dangerous Rock N’ Roll from Guns N’ Roses to The Ramones simple chord progressions as the high energy of molten stings that rocks your socks off and making you aroused as your girlfriend might go naked for climbing the amplifiers tall-tower as the originally line-up band members like the rhythm guitarist Sal and bassist Dan Canzonieri, lead guitarist Jim Foster, drummer Mike Lincoln and lead vocalist Steve Miller preying on your fears and addictions for more rocking sounds that bursts like a warm cement in a non-awareness sexual intercourse for the first timers; the Listen Up, Baby! recording from this New Jersey owns local boys – Electric Frankenstein is pretty much fast and chaotic and got something that only The Misfists might laugh about at on their sarcastic lyrics via music sounds that mixing thus Punk-Rock animosity and Hair-Rock arena atmosphere sessions through the magnificent not as long as lesser than two minutes plus duration on most songs anthem like Neurotic Pleasures, Hostage Situation, Social Infections, Hammered, Rockets in My Veins or Perfect Crime which making them sounded as dangerous as Axl Rose and co. after using heroin while watching horror movie collections. 

Listen Up, Baby: