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Mukasan Meyrambek (Bandcamp 2015)

   Making your days even weirder but let the smiling for respecting other culture music emerged spontaneously, since the pick of the recording from Berik Kulmamirov and Kazakhstan Band playing their album – The Kazakh Land inside your stereo and filling your head with tons of questions about how on earth these musicians from a unrecognizable parts of the world can easily make a very good Pop album about telling the original detailed story on their precious country while the music produced in a way which easily forcing you to liking them (in instant). From the ninth biggets land on the planet with expressive ethnic cultural probations to share by this international music products has giving the local authorizations for anyone everywhere on “a must have” or should trying this album because it’s wonderful. Beautiful landscapes and popular songs like Kerey Khan and Zhanibek or She is a Kazakh Girl or To Mr. Korazbaev would be a gladly message that showing the similarity of old Roxette/Chicago sounds influenced this ensemble of Pop and peace train record. 

The Kazakh Land: