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Mugen Selene (Pink Tank Records 2017)

   Can also being called as cosmic sorcerers from Portland, OR; a Doom Metal Progresive with Stoner Bluesy and Psychedelic edge with the line-up of Nori Lockhart (guitar, vocals), Ben Dorothy (drums, vocals), Derrin Twiford (keyboards, percussion) and Archie Heald (bass) bringing their Classic format of heavier tunes as slower tempo and more melodic whispering intact tighter within the essential self-written materials which carried thus Occults-based themes sounding pretty thick like fog surrounding the inner-self of consciousness within your head filling the brain with many imaginative memories and reality breaking collides into one blast as Cambrian Explosion giving the world their extended recording off The Moon. Five experiencing themes circling from fast to slow motion as the universal measurement would emerge as the band performing the excellent progressions via Looming Eyes or Innocuous Creatures; like the worshiping of Luna through a Hard Rock plus Prog-Metal and Doom sensibility by a band of excellence.  

The Moon: