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Motorheadache (Independent 2016)

   Reminding most of the listeners about how Glenn Danzig did something a bit wrong from his darkness patterns of Bluesy-Goth-Electro things to those Sludgy Stoner connections within the members of some familiar bands form the sub-genre community like Low Gravity or Luna Sol and baptizing this lot as Smolder and Burn as well as the clever riff-age distortions and loosen frequency of infernal intrics over the deserted period while being lost in the desert for couple weeks might affecting your brains to seeing images or hallucinates and this self-titled recording would kicking the tension and given the audiences an example or more to that using the combinations of brave fusion off Grunge, Heavy Rock, Doom Metal and Stoner Indie Rock to adding the senses inducing rock that forcing the head-banging rituals to happen while cranking the tracking sounds via Master Of None or Mastodonnyosmond; come crashing like a too late hand-brakes handling to avoid the unfortunate driving mistake moves on a remote empty road – facing the ghost car or the devil goat himself.  

Smolder & Burn: