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Moo Moo Take (Double Double Whammy 2015)


   Moving Songs may dedicated in the making for those relevant feelings for you or the story of the rest when it is time to going out your beloved town or because of some unimportant reasons for you but your parents separations or even a simple moment where you had to do it without any good reasons at all; those feelings aren’t easily mend by the travelling hours or ice cream; so – Free Cake For Every Creature from Philadelphia, PA needs to sharing this album for the lonely tearing eyes on the back seats or the one whose driving the vehicle as well, an encouraging vocals harmony to the tandem of semi-acoustic messaging of Pop music on this happy Pop-Alternative as the Lo-Fi of sad balancing the rest of your sweet dreams or nightmare equally said - for the fans of oldie Cranberries' style minus the Celt-Rock distortions.

   All You Gotta Be When You’re 23 or The Day to Day as well as So Much Strange to Give onto Common Girl that will curing the distance and the miles somewhere lovely performed by the lead singer/guitar player - Katie Bennett and friends …

Moving Songs: