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Money Back Guarantee (Ghost Highway Recordings 2017)


   Welcome to the happy Hard Rock fun recording with the bigger loves for teaming-up groups of real rockers such as The Hellacopters, The Donnas, AC/DC and Joan Jett then for that case – these awesome Eindhoven – The Netherlands female fronted Punk Rock/Hard Rock band The Dirty Denims is yours truly to take. Grab the microphone or playing your worst insane air guitars like a maniac while the standard rocking tracks from the quartet Mirjam (vocals), Jeroen (guitars), Ashley (bass guitar) and Thomas (drums) come crashing on their Rock n’ Roll ride music where the sounds of Power-Pop fully attacks mixed with Pop-Punk and less keyboards sounds interactively attracting every single good listeners whose craving Rock Music like their daily bread and forever this band’s album won’t disappointed nor getting wrong to collect.

   As the rocking sensual vocals pursuing the non-commercial efforts at all which also guarded by thus cool riffs and great beats to make you and anyone else stick around for a fucking more good timing  and let the music taking over the situation and the crowds via Back With A Bang - part 1 through the infectious simple three chords and solo on wah-wah effects; you will love Heartbeat, Don’t Waste My Time, Make Us Look Good and Can’t Get Enough of Rock & Roll shall cementing this band’s first steps for their pure rocking independent introductions. 

Back With A Bang - part 1: