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Moaning Good (Svart Records 2016)

   Goatess releasing their second album on II: Purgatory Under New Management that praising the falling down of Christianity long-historic repression acts upon Northern European area as the stating title shows all to us that religious acts never really can destroying Pagan beliefs which already rooted deeper on the hearts of minds of many old and ancient European traditional culture and Sludgy/Doom/Stoner might be the new modern figures besides the army of Heavy Metal scene that will never bow down to authority but themselves to living free and creates more and more messages sending out on the quests for immortality via harder music and the likes for Ozzy or Sabbath and other classic legends; these ear-gasmic doomed soundscapes products off Stockholm, Sweden that consisting of guitarist Niklas, bassist Findus, vocalist Chritus and drummer Kenta promising that their music would be interesting with a technique blending through Progressive Classic Rock, melodic Heavy Metal, temporary Folk-Pagan to the great art-cover demanding thus slower Doom Metal balance to its perfect place as reborn within the new millennium’s spiritual searching by people whose getting bored for being enslaved by iconic test-tube man-made gods. Listen to the issues led for conspiracy setting questions needing answers for Murphy was an Optimist, Moth to Flame, Silent War or Shadowland as well as Crocodillians and Other Creepy Crawling Shhh… which unites the conclusion as Wrath of God as lies covering an ancient events.