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Mirage Squirm (Bliss Inc. 1993)

   Formed as the brainchild creative siblings ideas on their likes for Gothic New Wave and Indie Rock music which had a good standard of mystery and mystical occult but never too dangerous to listen by good people as the real music lovers and magical beats like this one; Matt and Beki Thomas with their friends Andrea Vendy, Josh Alexander and Nick Daniel in the late 80’s build this band called The Mavis’s – where the straight currents of electrifying Post-New Wave and Alternative Rock colliding pretty well that equals thus cold frigid of sweeter Pop tunes and Goth-Rock spells just like the example taken from the band’s mini album of the group entitled – Poseidon. 
   As the cover-paintings made by Garth Horsfield and Laurence Maddy producing the record; The Mavis’s Poseidon will delivering us the great collection of beats imported back from the eighties era just like you can hear when the volume goes up through Delight, Fall and Submarine and Rocketing. 
   The harmony vocals and melodic glittery guitars rain effects sounded amazing – where the world still not too polluted by sickening insufficient minds …