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Million Faces Afar (Ear Music 2014)

   With her basic vocals as former lead singer of an Alternative Rock band from Sweden and the last lead singer for the legendary Symphonic Metal Nightwish; Anette Ingegerd Olsson or Anette Olzon also didn’t quite remaining farther to get along with her position as the separated ways had chosen between them and you now finding this dark-haired woman with tremendous vocals may walking alone on her path as a soloist and that’s not really wrong at all. Through her debut recording Shine, everyone can see how gorgeous and talented this female singer really means with her soft-toned Pop-Rock and Symphonic Rock in making her trademark within the wiping tears and entering lights after the winter snow storms struck and beautiful encouraging tracks like Like a Show Inside My Head, Floating, Invincible and Hear Me are mixing thus electric live bands and acoustic-tinged as like the New Age and Pagan-Folk contrary emerges and bring the warmth back to protecting the intuitions and instinct of a woman making her own living worthy through great music and magic harmony vocals.