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Meta Meta Koolaid (Antler Tapes Ltd. 2010)

   Mixing the Experimental of a feeling free non-hype Electronic Tribal with Lo-Fi Folk measurements as the combining of noises and samples directly, processing by the figurative name of this Pineal Indole just like a generator turning on in a desert in the middle of nowhere as the Classical Folk kissing the traditional elements to becoming one as tones brand new but old and ancient through Electro-Music vibrations that shines over the shadowy distorted forms of noise made into music or reversed, etc. The track-listing of these irregular vibes out on Ukulele karaoke, Beowawe, 8th Chakra, Chicka Chicka and many more groove-shaker songs of Pineal Indole seems to be a broken half-project on the album release on Native Sun actually – has slowly influences as intact onto the veins of popular sounds from a non-commercial one being touched and rebounds to be regularly, loved by the rest of all people who had chosen New Age experimental music as their favorable pick.

Native Sun: