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Mental Illness Bar (McCarthyism/Reptilian 2012)

Baltimore – MD’s newer version of how on earth did Iggy and The Stooges leaving behind as legacy of raw and harsh, loudmouthed, cursing and coarse language used on the lyrics spitting out from the female lead singer of the Punk-Rock band Sick Weapons’ Ellie Beziat whose sounding like a infamous woman version of both Johnny Rotten and Iggy Pop combined through the group’s releasing album – Birthday Gift collaborating with the other members such as Dan Evans, Pete O’Connell, Jesse Lyell, Sean Humphrey with their general manager Tom Kries. 
Busting thus boisterous squally and exuberant attitudes on stage and back stage where the influences from other names allegedly rebellious before them like Black Flag, Bad Brains or The Who will be released within the remnant rocking songs recorded on the album like I Don’t Know What I’m Doing and I Feel Like an Asshole or I Get Fucked for The Fuck of it, Jackson Bad Dog and Orgy on The China Train that collectively mixing the essential materials of Rock N’ Roll, Surf-Rock, crazy Pop to silly three chords progressions ! 

Birthday Gift: