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Medicine Yhi Legs (Bandcamp 2015)

One might grabbing the case and seeing it very carefully again as the music of this woven old magic spells of the blended Psychedelic, Pop and Rock N’ Roll personifications influenced by the harder hypnotics energy of the 60’s music legacy made The Dandelion’s breath really scenting the strong retro Folkish-Pop with the new millennium confusions over this package of self-made recording from the Sydney, Australia quartet of mixed gender musicians. Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion really coming out naked without too much commercial mash-up or trying to be sounded a bit modern to the world; Goddesses seemed to be smiling upon them and the music also sounding closer to the Hippie era projections with the bass-licks and classic organ tunes with funky beats or tranquilizing attempts spreading from inside this album. Tracks like Malkaus, So What Do You Think of Space ? as well as In The Shadow of Light, A Sweet Death Song or Garden Witchcraft popping some of the highlights flashback where the blossoming of modern music started with a revolution over music sounds and politics before our planet getting even worse.