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Maverick (Bandcamp 2012)

Gorgeous ladies and their Folkish gentlemen group re-vibe the essential mix of Pop-Country and of course, Folk music next to the terms of being gladly alternates your choices for smothered peaceful recording sessions on this mini album called Wine in Bed EP from these Milwakee, Wisconsin Pop-Folk band – The Fitting Room where we might meeting Lisa Ridgely playing her guitar while singing as well as bassist Sara Moilanen also harmonizing vocals with Ryna Elliot the guitar player and drummer Craig Mertes knitting this releasing based on our dreamscape imaginations where drinking good wine, kissing your love ones and seems like that today you might decided not to leave the bedside but opening the window and let the morning breezes wind comes to giving you a quite nice accompany for the beautiful rural views outside. 
As the world still half-asleep and the quietness made perfect for Santa Fe and Two-Timed and perhaps, not for wanting Karma Caught Up anything for any of you listeners whose loving the works of adult Alternative-Pop music may get lucky for having the band playing for you as the nature laid rest … 

Wine In Bed EP: