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Marbled Red Rugs (Hibernate 2009)

   The story goes for this English musician/composer Ian Hawgood which having many projects and aliases and living on the road or flights between Tokyo and London; reflecting his ideas and courage in making Electronic Ambient music as you might witnessing now through this releasing record of Wolfskin; how the silence and the unprotected breath of men shall in a right time turning noises into golden tones which telling history about the past or the present future not by using words but tunes and as music re-glorified the essential universal language besides mathematics or science, a living person can tell a bit personification from desperately sent signals through these non-vocals seven tracks just like a young wolf playing guitars inside the small woods blending its sounds with the birds humming for calls up the changing of the seasons. I Went to Sleep on a Headless Mattress and All The Memories are Blue Type as well as Let’s Dance until The Shallows Break might caught the anomalies surrounds us that never detects before – showing about how vulnerable we really are upon this Planet Earth …