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Mantra Reality (Bad Afro Records 2016)

   The first time the group founder figure – Lorenzo Woodrose creating the band would gladly, be not sticking as planned first handed ideas that later the band’s sounds wouldn’t be the same because he wants Baby Woodrose to be developed and not only clinging onto the roots of Rock N’ Roll in general. Even with most of the ever changing members for the line-up formations still seen reluctantly that this iconic Danish Psychedelic /Garage/indie Rock band surviving their new millennium days with the releasing of their 7th albums called Freedom where the opening tracks straight away rocking your ears out as the groovy beats and tones taking turns for lighten up your feelings flicks within the newer themes lyrics such as mind controls, brainwashing, wheels of fortune, slavery and oppression to the bad weather as the group kept their environmental activities going wealthy as keeping the black fist in front cover spreading rebellion missions against the crime over humanity happened these days. Songs to listening: Open Doors, Red the Signpost, Termination and the subjected 21st Century Slave – perhaps, maybe can giving them another Danish awards for making good music and behaving right !