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Manners Maven (Bandcamp 2016)

While the travelling wilburys timing forced to have the group on the road to recorded their materials while heading to somewhere; that’s what happening to these Brooklyn – NY’s group of Tan Tien which written and performance by two figures of main characters: Evan backer and Jesse Kranzler not hoping but hard working while did their time due to hit the road to Colorado, San Diego and even to Kithoka, Kenya far away in Africa continent. Piece of Avant-Garde experimental, Math-Rock party sounds to Art-Rock of New York style with thus Art-Deco shaping edges really bursting the reality for thus listeners on having a great times while the musicians performing their nude creature of humanoid only shaping as muscles and nerve system visible to the world to see; like the terrible stuck-staging of someone being under the experiments on a secret project of making people invisible or hollow but fails. 
Dark Party Art Rock supplying thus plenty wrappings melodious and strange things carried by the Avant-Garde type music of the group; as the sessions of weird beats, power grooves or spoken words displays filling the gap one by one to be a solid recording as the audience realizing the tremendous tracks like Steam’d in four minutes or Blind Man’s Faith to Hash Baths crossing for eight minutes more delivers the real artistic realm of Rock Music world reaching to your dreams and obsessions with good ambition from Tan Tien to be visible and bigger since then. 

Dark Party Art Rock: