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Magpie & Skunk (S.A.P Recordings 2011)

Measuring the six-strings at the moment of the opening track A Match to The Kindling before the group that creates over the melting-pot unity collaborations between Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir and Jackson Phibes also being mentioned of the members like Tom Bagley not trying to copy the heavy influences from legendary names like Tom Waits or more Country/Classic Blue-Grass and Gospel version of the local outlaws band over there somewhere but an aesthetic one recapturing those old-times rhythmic soundtracks of past days when the swamp people hunting deeper outside their local areas or just like a chilling moment for any group members having barbecue circling take their seat-spot around  in the woods – outdoors telling or listen to Campfire Tales just like this album. 
We got Wolfman Franz, Windigo Song, Neckin’ Party and Wild Night Company which exactly, sharing the several minutes durations of the tones of home-baking sounds of music that praising the lucks, the fate and the beloved country-side they called home since they’re born there and without the internet; still everything’s fine for everyone. 
When the castle asleep at night; down there under the hill some wild animals playing their tunes, smiling, singing the praise themed Gospel-songs performed by The Agnostic-Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy. 

Campfire Tales: