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Madda Skank (Downbeat 1998)

Lead your sensibility by following thus introductions Dubbing noise sound over the opener track Hello Everybody withi seven mintues plus durations as the explorations begins by these Birmingham – UK’s original duo turned threesome by adding a rapper named Farda P while the music and composing of the semi-complicated beats must be the works of Glyn Bush and Richard Whittingham from Rockers Hi-Fi. One might got chance to have a quality time and listening to this third installments from the group called Overproof that blending the classic blends of the original beats of Down-Tempo, Trip-Hop and Jazzy Blues samples mixed into further characters complimenting how the complicated tracks turned out to be danceable and closer to more Pop-culture audiences in the clubs or bars around United Kingdom and beyond. Psychedelic and well-builds within thus excellent colors of musical experiments tremendously available here on the album for you to smoking weeds or drinking with friends in a very relaxing environment creates by the background songs tuning from your stereo system between the great mix of Rocksteady Dub to Hip-Hop Classic through Times Up Part 1 & 2, 7 Ways, Transmission Central, We Na Go Run and Dis Next Recording … 

Shaking your body and dance like you crazily wanted – champs !