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MacBeth Emissary (Not On Label 2013)

A quartet of Hull – UK’s Indie rockers playing the cheap but authentically artistic Garage Rock sounds with more instant melodies and British accent towards the releasing record for the band’s e.p  combining the experimental of Psychedelic Rock, Brit-Pop, Stoner and Shoegaze as this mini album splashing the excitement of urban beats which sounding modern but also classic to listen via The Black Delta Movement’s Ghost Dance which opening by the characterized track called Is The Blood on Your Hands ? that looks like a rhetoric question towards the singer and the rest of the band onto the magical imaginative different dimension land with thus green grass fields endlessly to the strange figures with friendly faces or not; taking no prisoners just like the Native American girl on the front side cover looking farther and out of reach – she must be seeing something interesting and comes the second song of Blister with its four minutes longer durations timing the buzzing six-strings and groovy bass-line performance while the vocalist seemed trying not to copied any Oasis or other Brit-Pop acts while opening his mouth and let the lyrics out to story-telling or just sharing ideas of simplicity which actually, not that simple. 

Ghost Dance: