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Lotus Eaters Geri (Bandcamp 2016)

   As the Spring ends in climax while the next Summer approaching above our shelters; the Goth-Rock without any pretending Pop sense also might equally fits to be listened on the stereo inside your cabin farm or around the remote place of yours far from other neighbors which when bad things happened – nobody would hear you crying for help. But perhaps, you’re one of those people whose practicing supernatural Black Magic spells or chanting as the closing of early Summer and the zenith sky reaches the Spring equinox, letting yourself to creatively search for some innocent soul to be sacrificed on the altar of stone full of flowers and fresh plantings as orderly praising Holy Mother Nature’s throne and spilling some blood. Pop-cultural based group form Los Angeles: Peppermint Pumpkin might be one of your choice for singing the thematic lyrics and giving the good atmosphere for the occasion as the colder music that seems to be semi-groovy but more simple than your average monotonous Goth bands at that time where the less melodic matters broken into the crack made by the eerie sounds to the regular sad vocals of male/female figures, known as Seth Styles (vocals, guitars, synths), Carisa Bianca Mellado (guitar, synths), James Rupert Powell (bass, programming), Jessica Reuter (drums) and Christian Ellesworth (synths, guitars) sharing their experiences through this mystic record – The Children’s Crusade. No Snowman Sees The Spring, Disney Orphans, Bathroom Minotaur or Virulent Red would be your proof of thus issues about the living and human sacrifice by the band. 

The Children's Crusade: