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Lorely Hanged (We Are Unified 2012)

   Get your access for the likes of this Australian Melodic Metal-core mayhem from Byron Bay – In Hearts Awake courageously consisted of the quartet metal-heads: Kyle Erich (bass, clean vocals), Eaven Dall and Ben Nairne (guitars) to Jake Taylor (growling vocals) releasing the band’s presentation through the second album entitled Divination where thus Hardcore, Post-Metal core to Pop-Grind core emerging in turns as the new format attached on the louder noise plan and promise as the concept they’ve chosen related to the magical Tarot card's figures in ten perfect possible picked by the members themselves as the symbols for the explanations about the journal journey via cranking sounds plus some melodic harmony choruses exploit through tracks like Departure (Death), Survival (The Chariot), Inertia (The Hermit) to Shapeless (Judgement) or Winterfell (The Tower) which signaling the entire fortune-telling sessions which may encounter whether the up’s and down’s, terrible bad luck or good blessings while one kept believing that there’s supernatural power works around them as a hidden and invisible force.