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Longest Shadow (Black Hat Rackets 2014)

   Atmospheric and expansive to listen late at night as everyone already fallen asleep because you might never finding such a composite materials written and performance in the way these Alternative Country-Pop Classic sounds band – Eaten By Dogs from Melbourne did onto their prosthetic limited album like this Self-Titled recording that might guarding you all night long get-up and finished that whiskey down to the bottom, to the last drop as the faded black with no lights except few stars blocking you form seeing the empty desert as the windy cold blows like death comes whispering but fear not cause the exclusive melodies and semi-acoustic standard music of Eaten By Dogs would prolong the mistaken minutes to an hour of wisdom as you keeping the music on and try to re-think back about those lyrics down your throat. 
   The trio of Poy Litchi, Mick Hansby and Callum Preston brought you their finest towards If It Ain’t Killing You It’s Sure Killing Me, Gallows in Disguise or Holding on to Nothing as did the honest group said that they’re Ain’t a Bad Man just Fallen Not Broken so, as the songs continues to finishing what you’ve done before that – as the sleepyhead afraid to facing sunlight; remember to tell yourself to have Another Round Bartender ! 

Eaten By Dogs: