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Lifting Spirit Cure (Dine Alone Records 2016)

   From none nothing to becoming one of the most popular show-acts for Modern Alternative Rock or Pop on their homeland Canada as these Halifax, Nova Scotia band Wintersleep consisting of  Jon Samuel, Loel Campbell, Paul Murphy or Tim D’Eon and some additional or ex-members temporarily stays but not fits to go permanent in loyalty with the band themselves. Great fresh sounds that shall reminding you about how would it be if Maroon 5 joining a merger with US Power-Pop scene and decided to use a Pop vocalist from some CCM genre group might truly sounded similar to this Canadians. Rooted Indie-Pop, formal Ambient or Emo-Pop influences as well as simple lyrics but awesomely romantic can be heard again through the band’s newest releasing on The Great Detachment; spreading the colorful of Pop sprays via Metropolis, Shadowless, Santa Fe, Amerika to Territory or Who Are You. Independent lovely ! 

The Great Detachment: