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Lethe Wretched (Whispering Voice Records 2013)

As beauty as the female voice and as deadly as the darker music beats that combines the softer and the extreme sides into one particular essence possible to both listeners came as one mass-attendance answering this invitations given carefully by the group of Symphonic Doom/Gothic Metal from Froland, Norway brought their themes off despair, loneliness, death and inner struggles within the mystic lyrics and ritual of traditional Folklore meets the modern spells in the name of Heavy Metal sounds providing the semi-commercial reflections over the deepest darker mirror bottom led the unseen force conquering you  and your mind as the music linked you to the past stories of the other side entrapped the unlucky woman to be drown into their own curiosity terminates by the releasing album of Ancestral Legacy on Terminal; facing the reality that nobody immune to evil especially, when it disguises perfectly inside the kindness or beauty with two faces. Listen to Bone Code, There is no Birth and Death, Dawn of Time to Death Silence without Pain shall Shedding You into piece by piece but one shall not feel it happens until vocalist Isadora Cortina or Tor Arvid Larsen and Eddie Risdal on guitars/harsh vocals stop performing and leave you tortured alone - in between life and death.