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Les Peste Services (Season Of Mist 2012)

   The eight minutes of the destructive French lyrics taste on the raw Black Metal opening song for these Northern city of Bordeaux – the band Seth is setting their wings to fly and terrorizing the interior inferior music critics as well as many more fanatic bigots on being allergic to listening the free-thoughts or satanic beliefs type of extreme Metal music like this. The recording debut of Les BlessuresDe L’Ame (The Injuries of The Soul) re-release again as one of thus important monuments for the development of how Extreme Black Metal music conquering most parts of France nowadays even when they’re not majority but at least, this music will always be fearful by the church authorities for its blasphemy, the heretic activities, heathen beliefs or just being too extreme like Corpus Et Anima to Hymne au Vampire (Acte 1), Les Silences d'Outre-Tombe to Dans Les Yeux du Serpent probably shall dragging you to a permanent resident next to the hell's throne behind the basement's furnace !