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Leper Leper (The Church Within Records 2016)

   Faster on the beginning and as the music blares getting slower but melodiously perfect; meet this Turku – Finland group that progressing on their talents of playing the best: the mighty Lord Vicar which situated on marking their spots on the hall of Valhalla-Rock and the influences coming from the likes for Pink Floyd, Folkish Pagan Metal and last but not least, Motorhead or Sabbath as the holy representations of religious believes and behold – Gareth Millsted (drums), Rich Jones (bass), Kimi Karki (guitars) and their lead vocalist Chritus with crazy maniac attitudes giving the breath of life to this world as the band’s will hypnotizing you as the penetrations between mixed race truly hopefully; making the real men whos can fly not a hoax just like this chopper acting like a sicken kid whom barely walks as the angels up there outside the Gethsemane park really getting drunk by the wines that given away by the female-half human breed crushing as Breaking The Circle, Accident, The Green Man to A Woman out of Shadows on his left side and another books to completing the encircle of the apparatus spirits went wrong there – all begins the new drunken for alcohols after getting naked like the angels on front cover ? 

   Taste the recording released of Gates of Flesh and needs to be hurry before the army of angels sent from heaven to wiping out humans …

Gates of Flesh: