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Lavender Perrywinkle (Funeral Sounds 2015)

   Christian Novelli and Michael Todd Berland from Portland, Oregon created this symbiosis pattern band that playing lots of bedroom Pop experimental which clining on thus floating vocals and musical ability that turning Indie Lo-Fi sounds as chilling as the Synth-Pop for 5am songs to the one who cannot sleep tight or being taken hostage by amnesia; just perfectly meet the insidious non-famous recording from Fox Academy which having their subject themed off Luxury Beverage not because they wanted to get drunk or something but more than that – this album switching honesty to wisdom as your ears catching the good lyrics echoing through the melting ice or little flowers coloring the backyard as the harmony of Ski mask, Grape Soda Bby, Girl Cabinet, I See Yr Cute D├ęcor, Mourning Song or We Are Up Early Again Honey Bug have sending the romance disguising as Indie Pop haunting voices straight to your long gone soul mate not far from here …  

Luxury Beverage: