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La Bella Soledad (Spati Palace 2017)

Mesmerizing as well as commencing like the wind of West Ponape side blowing slow; sending the fortunate musky messages thrown from the heavenly world up there down to earth as thus harmony of capturing sadness mixed within hopes prevailing the unknown letters firmly sell-out to the remote spotless sun-screen windows facing the East of the left corner on flatten world provides the essential Dreamy-Pop within thus Reverb-Indie Rock as the female personnel leading her voice as the leader for this manual sounds embarking the amount of measurements on nearly peace experiences via the Palm trees’ leaves by Highest Sea through Haunted Hearts – a s we can relate the forcible current-melodies attachment for them. Four tracks in this mini recording album must have been collectively strong enough to giving you a first good impression just like on Hawaii or Wait for The Night which easily tossing out the romantic balance of the truth for the fixed soul-mates or two strangers’ eyes met together.

Haunted Hearts: