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Ketchup Donkey (Good Land Records 2016)

Don’t get tricked by the three girlie skeletons smiling, smoking, flirting in the front cover but if you really dig The Ramones like gods of Punk Rock then this cheesy furious records should be yours. The Pukes of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is also a legendary Surf-Rock like the Joey or Johnny Ramones but not quite as same leveling like them but yet, again – The Revenge of The Pukes would be closely to rock your Prom party from boredom to excitement as the standard clash between Rock N’ Roll and Pop-Punk puts many audiences smiling free and as some nerdy did his plan to poisoning the drinks with too much alcohols or absinthe liquid and before it’s too damn late, let’s just dance our ass off with The Pukes as their songs pronouncing better days of the youth rebellions like going back to the sixtiesoe early seventies era where jitter dance would be a freaking crime for the white folks bigot but extremely cool in the eyes of the angry boring youth disliking to be pushed away from total happiness. Everyone will filling up the dance floor as the tracks like What Should I Do ?, Murder, Gum in Your Hair or They’ll Never Find You obviously reminding about how naughtiness back then isn’t a big deal and bully is just a person who need to be punched together before making them as friends as well as gar fish catching can be fun too ...